SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Monday, August 22 is World Plant Milk Day and that gives everyone the opportunity to try out some tasty alternatives to animal milk. Here’s a helpful list of three different types of plant milks with recipes on how you can make them at home.

A pile of oats against a white background.
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Oat milk

This milk is best for eating with cereals, drinking on its own, and also adding to your coffee. It only takes two ingredients to make and lasts for about a week in the fridge. The flavor is not overwhelmingly different than other plant-based milks but you will want to be careful if you make it at home- sometimes if you do it wrong it will get slimy.

For a recipe on how to make this quick plant based beverage, you can click or tap on the link here. The Minimalist Baker not only shows you how to make it, but also how to avoid common mistakes.

Soy beans against a flat white background.
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Soy milk

If you want a classic, look no further. Soy milk is one of the original plant based milks that lactose-intolerant Americans flocked to in the 2010’s. Now, you can find it in pretty much any store for a few dollars or you can make it at home for event cheaper.

Be warned: this recipe takes a lot longer than the oat milk one, but if it’s soy milk you crave then you will be willing to commit to the task. This recipe from Alpha Foodie also uses only two ingredients and it makes six cups of soy milk. It also includes a video to help you along.

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Potato Milk

This milk may be unheard of to many but it is quickly becoming popular in Europe. It is cheap- with a similar price to the oat milk recipe- and uses only a few ingredients. Unlike the previous milk, Laurel Randolph from The Spruce Eats recommends in her recipe to avoid using it with anything hot as she says it has a tendency to curdle.

You can find Randolph’s recipe by clicking or tapping on the link here. It makes a total of four servings and takes a little over 20 minutes from start to finish.