SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) — Autism Awareness Month is celebrated every April. In honor of it, the Oglethorpe Mall Branch Library hosted a sensory storytime.

“This was in celebration of Autism Awareness Month,” Library Assistant Rebecca Ingram said, who works in children’s programming. “The children that we had today, while they are not autistic, are at that learning stage where sensory is a big thing that they use for learning,  learn their environment, to learn about their world.”

“He loves it. He loves to read and he loves to be read to,” said Caroline Foster, who brought her 4-year-old son Luke said. “We’ve been coming here for about three years now and they’ve just kind of grown to love reading here at the library.”

During the sensory storytime, the children participated in multiple activities that included Ingram reading books aloud, marching along to music, instrument play, and sand play.

These types of activities are not new to Ingram, who said, “I had a son, Andrew, and he was not an autistic child but he had a lot of autistic tendencies. He had some severe sensitivity issues, not only with his mouth but with touch, with his hand and his feet. A lot of what I did with the children today, I did at home with him as a mom when he was growing up.”.

Parents who have children with or without autism can contact the library about special story time requests.

“If our parents want to request a special storytime, I will do it. That’s what we did with this one, this was for a parent, unfortunately, she wasn’t able to bring her son today but I will be more than happy to adapt a story time to any parent that has a child that they want to stimulate with books and learning here in the library,” Ingram said.

The Oglethorpe Mall Branch Library has various other programs currently and upcoming. 

Mary Rogers, branch manager said, “We have a music and movement program that’s really popular on Saturdays. We have regular storytime on Wednesdays, which is geared towards preschoolers. We have some craft programs. Virtually reading with kids in elementary school. We also offer programs for adults.”

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For more information about autism visit Autism Speaks at What Is Autism? | Autism Speaks