SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Savannah is known for its beautiful places to explore, and today is no different for those wanting to enjoy Thanksgiving and still get out into nature and enjoy some of the best parks the city has to offer.

Listed below is a list of some parks in Savannah:

Baldwin Park

Located on 1.5 acres, this circular park is the ideal environment for walking, picnics, and recreation and offers a playground. From the park, looking to the south, is a view of the center of Chatham Crescent, picturesquely lined with palmetto trees.

Daffin Park

One of Savannah’s two large recreational parks in the historic district, this park has plenty of walking paths, 80 acres of grass for multiple types of fields and is also home to the Grayson Stadium.

Forsyth Park

Located on 30 acres in the historic district of Savannah, this park is one of the most photographed places in Savannah. It’s paved, lighted sidewalks are handicapped accessible and surrounds Savannah’s most popular walking trail. The distance around the 30-acre park is 1.5 miles.

Bacon Park Forest

A natural area, The Bacon Park Forest is home to huge trees with limbs spread far overhead, non-native plants, plenty of birds and insects. This would be ideal for nature enthusiasts.

Emmet Park

Located just above Morrell Park on Bay Street and named after Irish orator and patriot Robert Emmet, this Park is home to various monuments such as the Vietnam War Monument and Chatham Artillery Monument.

Skidaway Island State Park

Bordering Skidaway Narrows, this park has nature trails, wind through marshes, live oaks, cabbage-palmettos, and longleaf pines. Visitors can watch for deer, raccoons, shore birds, and colorful migrating birds such as the Painted Bunting.

Morrell Park

This is the only park in Savannah that’s located right on the river.  Located on the east end of River Street next to the Olde Harbor Inn, the park is approximately 236 feet x 26 feet long and is home to Savannah’s famous Waving Girl statue that honors Florence Martus