SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — A new theatre company is coming to Savannah soon. While there is no definitive timeline available for the theatre, the duo in charge of the endeavor said in an interview Wednesday that they are currently searching for a location.

The theatre company is called “Maelstrom” and has recently been registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in Savannah.

“We really want this to be representative of the city and everyone who lives here,” Stephen Boatright, the artistic director of the company, said.

Boatright’s first foray into theater began when he was part of a play at Rincon Elementary School as a child. Now, he has traveled all over the country with Maelstrom’s Executive Director Shea Bahnsen doing theater.

They moved to Savannah to be closer to Bahnsen’s family and in the process had an idea. What if they brought all that they had learned about theatre back to the coast?

“We wanted to explore different ways of telling stories,” Bahnsen said.

Boatright agreed.

“We want to do things that are experimental. We want to do things that are intimate, personal stuff,” he explained. “We really want to play with the form in ways that we’ve seen done and been really excited by.”

Bahnsen said that she has noticed a lot of change in Savannah in the past several decades, particularly in the people who inhabit the city. She thinks that this change and growth of the area are for the better and she wants to give the people of Savannah a literal stage for their voices to be heard.

“There’s a lot more people. There’s a lot more artists. There’s a lot more unique individuals with unique backgrounds,” Bahnsen said.

The two hope that they can provide others with the opportunity to amplify their voices and tell their stories, be they truth or fiction, through Maelstrom.

“It’s about enhancing the community,” Bahnsen said.

They are hoping not to become a competitor to other theatre groups in Savannah but a collaborator who is there to bring attention to underserved members of the community.

You can find more information about Maelstrom by visiting the link to their website here. On their website is a mood board with photos expressing what they hope their shows will feel like. You can also check out the link here which will bring you to their Twitter.