SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Forsyth Park occupies 30 acres in Savannah’s historic district — the perfect spot for an elaborate picnic.

Some may choose a royalty vibe, with tea and a biscuit. Others may want a more casual setting with reusable metal straws and a charcuterie board.

But next to food and drinks, there are some must-haves to make the picture-perfect picnic.


An essential for your picnic set up, this provides a base and protection from the ground. Using a fully-recycled plastic rug is always a good idea because they are often lightweight and low maintenance. You can easily clean up any spills and roll it up for safe keeping.

Alternatively, you can use a waterproof picnic blanket, which is compact and easy to carry.  Adding a soft blanket on top would bring comfort (and it’s aesthetically pleasing, too).

Picnic basket

This may seem like a no-brainer but a classic picnic basket with a sturdy handle and lid that opens from the top will avoid getting your items jumbled around during a trip to the park.

A vibrant liner inside of the basket will not only add a pop of color and décor but will also make it easier to clean the basket when your picnic is over. A plus, it will stand out in photos.

Portable table

Using a tray or table will elevate your setup in more ways than one. You’ll add dimensionality to your setup and help picnickers enjoy their food more comfortably.

Not only will your portable tray be perfect for the outdoors — it can also be used to prop laptops on the couch or have a meal in bed.

Just remember: when placing food directly on a picnic blanket, the bugs will have easy access too.


Bring some sophistication with pillows. Colorful designs, scalloped edges or textured coverings will offer a stylish solution for sitting or snoozing. Comfort is a top priority, though picking the perfect pillow will make for a great prop in photos.

Best Reviews put together a list of the best modern throw pillows. Visit here to see what made the cut.

Dish and cutlery sets

Ceramic dishes or a durable lightweight set will offer a beautiful look to your picnic spread. As the adage says, we eat with our eyes, so an attractive plate might make for tastier food.

Eco-friendly items presented at a picnic bring a touch of thoughtfulness to a gathering and can leave a great impression.

Reusable items

Go green while packing away leftover food and snacks.  Reusable food storage bags not only avoid the bulk of containers, but they also reduce waste.  

From cute tumblers to mason jars that offer a relaxed feel, there are plenty of reusable drinkware options.

Styling tip: combine mason jars and metal straws for a trendy look.


Summer is the ideal time for relaxing in the shade. But it doesn’t matter if you are swimming, golfing, fishing or picnicking — proper protection from the sun is necessary. 

Using an outdoor umbrella that casts a large shadow over your setup is a great way to enjoy a picnic safely.  Since umbrellas come in all different shapes and vibrant colors, anyone can look cool under the sun.  


Brightly colored marigolds, summer daisies and pink petals epitomize summer, and a fresh bouquet will bring the flower power vibe to your picnic. Make sure to bring some extra water and a small vase for the perfect display.

Bluetooth speakers

Whether you’re relaxing, singing along or dancing with that special someone, music can play an important role in the atmosphere of a picnic when it comes to entertainment options.

Check out portable audio options from Best Reviews at this link.