SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Savannah is known throughout the country for its magnificent coastal landscapes, its well-preserved architecture and its spirited history.

However, some may also consider the locally owned business that the city has continually been the backbone of the economy as they not only help with jobs and re-circulating revenue throughout the economy, but they also simply love serving the community.

So, while out doing Black Friday Shopping, consider shopping at these local hotspots that have been serving the city of Savannah for years at discounted prices.

Pet Stores

Some locally owned pet stores do more than just provide information to help customers make a purchase, they give back.

“As far as holidays go, we always want to give back to our community and our fur babies are the most important, so we always want to give them a little something after the holidays too,” said Nicole Holder of Bently’s Pet Stuff and Grooming.

She continued, “Until 3 [p.m.] we’re doing a whole Friendsgiving for the dogs, so we have a whole turkey and vegetable set up for the dogs. When they bring their dog in, we give them a free Friendsgiving plate that has carrots, broccoli, blueberries, turkey bites, whipped cream and it’s a whole Friendsgiving setup for the dogs that’s free, as long as they bring their dog in.”

For their valued two and four legged customers, the giving doesn’t end there.


Purchases made at local consignments not only on Black Friday but throughout the year keeps money in the community and economy and offers sustainably as quality items such as clothing, and accessories are upcycled.

“We’re offering 45% off today, the only exception are our black tags which mark our high-end designer bags. Those are going to be 20 to 35% off depending on the piece,” said Olivia Hamm of Designers Consignment.

She continued, “We are going to have sales going up until Christmas. Tomorrow is actually another really big holiday for us because its small business Saturday. We’ve been here 11 years now, so we always try to celebrate that, kind of just as big as Black Friday. So, we definitely have a two-part sale going on now and then sales all the way up until Christmas.”

Hardware Stores

Having a neighborhood hardware store that helps with hardware, plumbing needs, cleaning and building supplies, not only improves lives but helps in productivity.

“We’ve got several different sales. We’ve got outdoor furniture 10% off, toys are 20% off, flags, outdoor mats, Swiss army knife products, it’s a variety of things,” said Erin Grace of Maycrest Hardware, a hardware store that has been locally owned in Savannah for 60 years. “We are having the sale today and tomorrow.”

Jewelry Stores

Some might suggest that great local business build relationships with their community, even if they are “high end.”

“We went into business in 1986. We have an amazing team and work philosophy, great selection and always giving a discount. Marion (owner of Harkleroad Diamonds and Fine Jewelry) built it on always saying yes to even some of the toughest jobs and never turning away business,” said Desiree Bartels of Harkleroad Diamonds and Fine Jewelry.

She continued, “We have all different walks of life that come through here, some that speak English, some that don’t and we absolutely love every one of them. They’ve lived in Savannah, for you know, all of their life, or they were transplanted or in the military. We love everyone.”.

When Bartels says they love their customers, she means it as Harkleroad Diamonds, and Fine Jewelry continually offers discounts throughout the year so that their customers sparkle.

“Everything is 20 to 60% off. Everything from chains to diamond studs to one-of-a-kind pieces.” said Bartels.