SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – If loofahs are starting to be hard to come by, then look no further than some swingers in central Florida.

Garnering attention from hundreds of thousands online, they are reportedly displaying loofah sponges to let people know that they’re a part of the swinger’s community.

TikToker Tora Himan shared a now-viral video of loofahs being purchased and displayed on cars and golf carts, with the caption, “They are everywhere!”, in central Florida, that is.

“I think it’s awesome that people are wanting to not hide their lifestyle because, for me, it’s our everyday life. This is how we live, and I don’t feel it’s something we hide about,” said Mary of Swingers in Savannah.

Her husband, who goes by the name Sage, said they will not be using loofahs but will instead stick with upside-down pineapples.

“We are seeing a decreasing number of swingers due to the traditional nature of the Savannah area in general. We have a discreet, underground kind of thing,” said Sage. “There’s lots of people in all sorts of different careers.”

On being a swinger in the Savannah area Mary said, “We invite a third male to our bedroom, to our life because we are more poly in that sense, meaning that we value relationships more.

“Here in Savannah, it’s not necessarily about the relationship, it’s more about the sexual side of things and that’s huge here.”

For those in the Savannah area who are interested in swinging, Sage suggests doing research and looking for the upside-down pineapple symbol.

“They are on doors, cars, tattoos, stickers,” he said, and also expressed that swinging is a lifestyle, not a hookup.

“We go to bars, have meet and greets, and friendships with like-minded people.”

Those in the area who may want to take part in central Florida’s swinging community may be able to get a head start by knowing the loofah color meanings, according to a visitor to the community. The colors range from white, which is for “Novices and beginners,” to Teal, “For those who want to increase their dating chances.”

According to a survey conducted last year, 2.4 million Americans have been active swingers.

“It’s the idea of being open to explore new things and from a couple’s perspective,” said Mary. “It’s about a communication tool, like for us, we learned to communicate with each other on a different level than what we had as a couple before.”