SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Have you ever wanted to try something new for a party? Something exciting?

Savannah Axe Throwing has what you’re looking for and more. They offer hours of entertainment through their mobile axe throwing set-up.

WSAV NOW caught up with owner Jon Smith to talk about the axe throwing industry and what makes Savannah Axe Throwing such a fun option for your next event.

When asked what the inspiration was for opening the business, Smith said it was, in part, the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced so many previously indoors events outside.

“Axe throwing has been a growing industry across the country the past few years,” Smith said.

He also said he wanted to encourage others to get together in the way that he loved for his own family and friends to get together.

“This is a unique out of the box way to encourage that for others in our communities,” Smith added.

But why is it such a good choice for those wishing to spend time with family and friends?

“This is an activity that all people can enjoy, no matter their age,” Smith explained.

Young or old, you can have a good time trying to hit the bullseye with an axe.

It’s also cost effective, relative to other axe throwing spots. Smith charges $500 for an event lasting four hours with an extra fee of $100 per additional hour after that.

Smith said other establishments will charge $20 per person for an hour of axe throwing. That cost can stack up when you have a large party of people who you want to go axe throwing with.

Additionally, the axe throwing unit comes to you, instead of you going to it. This makes it more accessible to those who do not want to have to transport a large group of people somewhere.

What’s Smith’s favorite part of the business?

“Seeing people enjoy the activity. It doesn’t matter if you’ve done it before or not,” Smith said. “This isn’t an activity where you have to have experience. It’s a great way to have fun.”

Smith said the most exciting part of the business is seeing people try something new and realize that they are good at it. He likes to see what types of events people book Savannah Axe Throwing for, too.

“For example, entertainment for the guys during a baby shower,” Smith said.

If you’d like to have Savannah Axe Throwing come to your next event, you can find more information about them by visiting the link to their website here.