SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – A local business owner is looking to uplift the youth community of the Greater Savannah area by helping them become their own boss.

Crystal Pitts is a native of Savannah who has an innate passion for helping people. She is the founder and CEO of her business Kim’s Cafe and from that, Kidprenuers was developed. 

Kidprenuers is a program designed with a desire to teach youth how to be kind individuals who motivate themselves and others at an early age.

The project was created to serve as a guidance tool to help children develop their visions by creating and building their own brand.

“Whether it be a business, creating a book, hosting their own pop-up shop or laying the foundations for their collegiate careers, we want to be able to be those stepping stones,” Pitts said.

She says the community response to the program has been great. A few days after advertising the program on her Facebook account, the comment section was filled with users saying “this is awesome” and “I just signed my daughter up,” with many others asking for more information.

My goal was to be able to save the kids and give them an outlet to know they can have it.

Crystal Pitts

“The Kidprenuers program is a place where the kids become the boss,” Pitts said.

She says her goal is to be able to let kids know they can truly have it all if they work for it.

“Love is what brings change. My mother loved everybody and my goal is just to simply live out her legacy,” Pitts said. “I’m a 31-year-old imperfect woman serving a perfect God that’s here to help and make an impact no matter the age, whether they are 8 or whether they are 88.”

“Either the streets can teach our youth, or the kids can teach our youth,” she added. “It’s time to come together.”

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