SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Hundreds of people gathered in Forsyth Park to march in support of Trans and Queer youth rights. Organizers spoke out against the passing of SB 140 – a bill that restricts the ability for children and teens to get access to most transition-related medical care.

Attendees included people from all walks of life. People who identify as members of the Queer community, people who don’t. There were outspoken faith leaders, families and allies.

The rally was part of a national movement among transgender and queer youth alongside their allies during Transgender Day of Visibility (referred to as TDOV.)

“Trans kids are under attack! What do we do?” an organizer called out.

“Stand up. Fight back,” the crowd responded.

The rally and subsequent march were originally intended to go all the way to the city capitol but there were concerns about permits and fees for the march. The march began on one part of the park and ended at the other.

There were no counter-protestors and police watched from the sidelines.