(WSAV) – There is hope for those who long to be well rested like their pets, thanks to college students Noah Silverman and Yuki Kinoshita, developers of a dog bed scaled up for human use.

It was Silverman and Kinoshita’s lack of sleep and seeing a Great Dane napping in a giant dog bed that sparked the idea behind Plufl, the dog bed for humans.

“As students, both of us take naps because we frankly don’t get enough sleep, and we realized there weren’t really a lot of  good napping options available.  We saw dogs,  they looked pretty comfortable in their dog beds, so we realized, you know, why can’t humans have ones too.” Kinoshita told British news agency SWNS.

According to a National Library of Medicine’s national survey, more than half of students (79%) were sleeping too little,  having difficulty waking up in the morning (78.1%), had difficulty falling asleep (67.7%) and had restless sleep (48%).

Regarding the materials used in making the product and how to care for it Silverman said: “We’re working really hard to make sure the faux fur isn’t made out of microbial fabric. The product is also super easy to disassemble and the case can actually be taken off and just machine washed.”

In the initial launch through Kickstarter, they are only offering one size that measures about 68 inches long and 38 inches wide, fitting users up to 6-foot-5, as detailed in some of the company’s early beta tests. It also weighs under 20 pounds.

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