SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – With recent break-ins of vehicles in Port Wentworth and Garden City, you might be wondering what you can do to protect your valuables as well as your vehicles. Here are some tips gathered from the web to help.

Lock your doors

This should seem obvious, but how many times have you forgotten to lock your car doors? Even if you’re just running inside for a moment, always lock the doors to your vehicle.

Additionally, remove your keys from your vehicle as soon as you remove yourself from the vehicle. Just think about what would happen if someone tried to steal your car and your keys were sitting right there for the taking.

Don’t leave the windows down

This should also seem like an obvious tip but some people don’t realize how vulnerable they are making their car when they leave the windows down on a hot summer day. Sure, it might keep your seats from cooking in the heat, but it won’t give you any brownie points to a thief. Unless for some reason it is absolutely necessary, just keep your windows up.

Remove your valuables

Port Wentworth police are reminding residents to remove their valuables from their vehicles. Even if you lock your doors, there is no way to guarantee the safety of your iPad or your laptop inside your car. If you really care about these items, you’ll take them inside with you when you exit your vehicle.

Furthermore, if your car looks like there isn’t anything inside of it, a thief might avoid it because there is no obvious reward for breaking into it.

Park in well lit areas

Be more mindful of where you park. This police department in Colorado recommends that you park in busy, well-lit areas. They say to avoid parking in places concealed by bushes or fences and to steer clear of places where there aren’t many people.

None of these things will guarantee your car’s safety. If you end up in a situation where your vehicle has been broken into, you’ll want to contact the appropriate authorities as soon as possible.