RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WSAV) – After over a decade, the Bryan County Public Library in Richmond Hill is under construction and on track to reopen in November.

The original plan was to have one large branch in Richmond Hill however, one of the challenges that caused a delay in starting to build it — and eventually, a change in plans — was securing land in Richmond Hill.

“At some point, the commissioners just encouraged us to make use of the site that we’re on,” said Jennifer Duram, regional library director of Statesboro Regional Public Libraries. “Their long-reach plan is for us to have a second facility in South Bryan County so that we don’t have to choose between one population community area and another. So, we will have multiple smaller libraries rather than one big branch.”

Bryan County Public Library in Richmond Hill is currently undergoing renovation and construction. (Photo taken by Hollie Lewis)

So far in the renovation and construction process, the building has been completely gutted and it’s being expanded. The new slab has already been poured and the framing is up.

Duram said the renovated facility will have amenities that members have been asking for and they have tried to build community-desired features into the library as much as they can.

“It’s going to be larger and have some amenities such as a larger children’s department, more features for computers, and individual study rooms,” Duram said. “It’s going to have a restroom that’s specifically for children.  There’s going to be a quiet space for parents if they need to nurse or pump or just need to have a few minutes for the child to help them calm down or care for them.”

She continued, “We are completely redoing all of our shelving and we’re going to be dividing the collection of books to more interest areas based on the age of the readers.”

Visitors will also be able to pull into and out of the library parking lot more easily and safely.

“They won’t have to make that left turn on and off the main highway. To get in and out of our highway, we will be sharing the driveway with the shopping center behind us,” explained Duram.

Those who currently would like to use the Bryan County Public Library in Richmond Hill’s services can do so by visiting their temporary location at 55 Bass Drive, which is the Lion’s Club facility.

Users can also utilize the library’s digital offerings through Libby and the Georgia Download Destination, where digital children’s books can also be borrowed from eRead Kids.