SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — As the cost of living in Georgia rises, a side hustle can be a way to gain more freedom.

The inflation rate in Georgia rose 0.9% in August, bringing the cost of food and beverages rising 2.4% and housing utilities up 5%.

Here are a few different and interesting ways you can use your skills to make money on the side, according to Forbes:

Become an app tester

Website designers and app builders are looking for users to test their software and usability. Your level of tech knowledge can vary from $10 to $150 over minutes to hours at a time.

This side hustle has no associated costs to start and you can sign up for tester platforms like UserTesting and Swagbucks.

Baby, senior and pet sitting

As parents go back to work after having their baby, they need additional help with care, which you could provide. Additionally, when it comes to the rising population of seniors, families would like an extra hand.

As the holidays get closer and more Americans begin to travel, pet sitting and walking will be on the rise.

With this easy side hustle, you set your own hours and rates to begin setting appointments after verification.

When it comes to babysitting and senior care apps like, Sittercity, and UrbanSitter could be helpful, with any certifications being a plus.

For those interested in pet care apps like Wag!, TimetoPet and Rover are a good start.

Personal assistant

If you consider yourself someone who is organized and would rather deal with one person only, become a personal assistant.

Personal assistants manage schedules, go grocery shopping and handle dry cleaning pickups, dog walking, etc.

Many busy professionals are seeking help and you can use, and/or to find jobs you can fit into your schedule.

Virtual assistant

For those who are tech-savvy, you can work in the digital world with responsibilities like scheduling appointments, reading/responding to customer emails, travel booking and more.

With this job, you could make around $20 to $25 an hour depending on the work and hours you choose.

All you need is good internet and a computer to perform this side hustle in your spare time, apps like, and Upwork.

Local handyman

If you are someone who likes to fix things and you have knowledge of simple mechanics, doing local handiwork could work for you.

The cost of this hustle is for a toolkit that most households have. If you don’t have one, most toolkits cost $60.

You can start by asking your neighbors and community members if they need light services and you can find jobs on apps like, Task Rabbit and Angi.

Having some insurance can add some protection and credibility to your hustle.

Additional side hustles

Additional side hustles include selling goods at local markets, tutoring, digital product sales, podcasting, E-commerce reselling, online surveys and plasma donation.

Avoid hustles that will require certifications and licensing, as education costs may be more than profits.

Multi-level marketing schemes are also dangerous, as you could end up with piles of unsold items.

Side hustles aren’t guaranteed for success or for you to become the next Elon Musk, but they are tools to help assist with bills and build growth.