SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Over the weekend, American gospel singer Bobbi Storm was nominated for two Grammys. She heard the news while on a Delta flight and she received backlash for what she did next.

Storm posted the experience on her Instagram, where she got up to announce her nomination and sing the nominated song, “We Can’t Forget Him” for the other passengers.

Immediately, the Delta flight leader ordered her to sit down, and after she complied she went on to explain her nomination before the flight leader told her to be quiet.

“But they’re enjoying it,” said Storm.

“I’m not enjoying it, so I’m asking you to be quiet,” said the Delta flight leader.

“I’m doing what the Lord is asking me to do,” said Storm.

The flight leader told her that if she was not able to follow his instructions, she would not be able to take the flight.

After that altercation, she proceeded to sing the nominated song to those in the back of the plane and thanked the other passengers.

The video has gone viral on the internet, with many siding with the flight leader and following flight etiquette.

bmmetal467 on Storm’s Instagram post commented, “No one wants to hear u sing out loud on a public flight. Rude and entitled.”

On X, J. J. Szokody said,” I would lose my mind if someone started singing on a plane. The level of selfishness and arrogance to assume others want to hear it is astounding.”

Fans of her music and voice also addressed the situation, with Deondra Shackelford stating on Facebook, “I like her. Her song is great but I wouldn’t want her singing in my flight either. There’s a time & a place for things!”

The period before take-off and after landing is the most dangerous time on a plane. This is when most flight attendants will be more aggressive with passengers.