SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Get ready to break into a whole new world of fun at Smithereens—Savannah’s newly opened rage room.

What is a rage room? It’s a place where you can go to let off some steam by breaking things! For example, at Smithereens you can suit up and take down a box filled with things like liquor bottles, glass plates, and even the occasional piece of china.

You can throw things against the wall, hit them with a baseball bat, smash them with a hammer- any way you want as long as you stay in the room and follow the simple rules.

WSAV Now’s Angel Colquitt spoke with Savannah Smithereens Tiffany Noell about the business and what people need to know about it. Noell is one of the owners of the smash room along with Becky Thompson and Suzanne Nelson.

Noell said that they had been doing the smash room as a popup tent for a little over a year before they finally were able to commit to opening the space on Jones Street downtown.

“We would just go to places, like people’s houses, businesses—we did Comic Con in the convention center,” Noell said.

After a while, they realized it was time to open a physical location where people could come to them—not the other way around.

“We’ve been working towards this since January,” she said.

While this has been a long time coming, the process of actually opening the business was a doozy.

“They had to check at every level with the state,” Noell said.

Extra fire safety lights had to be installed with special approval by the state fire inspector and a new subsection of code was made just for rage rooms in the state all because of Smithereens. Even getting the occupancy load for the building and each room was something that required going to the state.

Plastic boxes with helmets and visors and ear protection.
Get ready to don your protective gear and rage away.

“It was a whole big learning experience,” Noell explained.

That learning experience was worth it, according to her.

“People come in for a variety of reasons,” she said.

Maybe you’re having a bad day and you need to let out some steam. Or maybe, you want to spend time with friends. There are other reasons too, beyond bonding with friends or expressing that pent-up rage.

“We have people that come in for grief,” Noell said. “Everybody gets something out of it, everybody leaves feeling better, and almost everybody leaves smiling.”

Smithereens is not meant to be just a rage room, it’s meant to be a community space that is as accessible to as many people as possible and a space where people can hang out with their friends or have parties.

A bat on a wooden table covered in shards.

“We have an art gallery that’s going to feature local artists,” she said.

One of her most important goals? Make this a space not only for tourists but for Savannah residents to enjoy.

For those interested in going to Smithereens, you can check out their website for pricing. You can get smashing for as little as $25 per person. You must be at least 15 years old with proper identification and you must sign a waiver before you can start.

Want to learn more? In addition to their website, you can also find them on Facebook.