SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — We look to laws to keep society in order and guide us to be better citizens, but some laws in Georgia just seem like they are there for fun. Let’s go through some.


It shall be unlawful for any person to spit upon the sidewalks in the city or upon the floor or platform of any public vehicle or in any public building, except in a cuspidor in the building,”(Code 1977, § 9-3004).

If you have ever spit anywhere in the city of Savannah other than in a cuspidor, you have committed an unlawful act.


Smoking in bed

It shall be unlawful for any person to smoke or attempt to smoke or to light or attempt to light a cigarette, cigar, pipe or tobacco of any form, or to strike a match or light a fluid lighter while lying upon or sitting upon any bed within the corporate limits of the city,”(Code 1977, § 3-2008).

Laying in bed and craving to smoke? Well, If you are in Savannah city limits and you spark one up while in or on a bed, you have committed an unlawful offense.

Falling from a building

“It shall be unlawful for any person to cast, throw out or suffer to fall from the upper or second stories of buildings within the limits of the city any articles whatsoever. The occupiers of buildings out of which such articles shall be cast, thrown or suffered to fall, contrary to the provisions of this section, shall be deemed the offenders,”(Code 1977, § 4-1022).

The beginning of the law makes a lot of sense because throwing something from a building can be dangerous for those below. Oddly, if you accidentally fall from the second story and up, you have broken a law.

Being too loud in a bowling alley

It shall be unlawful for the proprietor of any billiard room or bowling alley to permit riotous, disorderly or noisy conduct within such room or alley to the annoyance of the inhabitants residing near such establishment,”(Code 1977, § 6-1125).

Did you get three strikes in a row? Win a round of pool? If you celebrate too loudly, you have broken the law.

No bonfires!

“It shall be unlawful to collect, accumulate or assemble any flammable material of any kind for the purposes of a bonfire of any magnitude, large or small; and it shall be unlawful to light, burn, execute, or maintain a bonfire within the corporate limits of the city,”(Code 1977, § 3-2013).

For all those who long to tell scary stories around a huge campfire, make sure you are not in Savannah.

Justified battery

If you can prove that an individual used abusive language or threatens you, by Georgia law you have the ability to use simple assault, GA Code § 16-5-25 (2018).

No awnings

“It shall be unlawful for any person owning any building to have any awning over any window of such building in the city where such awning would overhang any sidewalk, street or lane in the city, and it shall be further unlawful for any tenant occupying any building in the city to place on the outside of the windows of any such building any awning where such awning will overhang any sidewalk, street or lane in the city,”(Code 1977, § 4-1023).

In the city of Savannah, you are not allowed to have an awning over your windows, especially if that awning hangs over the street. For what exact reason, the world may never know.

No slingshots

It shall be unlawful for any person to use any sling or instrument for throwing projectiles or to throw any stone or other missile from such sling or instrument in any of the streets, lanes or squares of the city,” (Code 1977, § 9-2007).

If Angrybirds came to Savannah, they would be in jail by now.

Ball games are not allowed

“It shall be unlawful for any person or persons to hit, throw or play ball games of any nature in Dixon Park or any of the public parking areas adjacent to the park,” (Code 1977, § 9-1023).

If you are ever in Dixon Park, don’t dare to think about playing kickball, soccer or any sport relating to a sphere.

Injured by a llama? That’s your fault

Any injuries from a horse or a llama are solely the rider’s fault, GA Code § 4-12-3 (2021)

Legislatures can speed

Legislatures in the Georgia General Assembly will not get a ticket for speeding when the assembly is in session. (I will be running for office now.)

Ice cream cones on Sundays

In Georgia, if you put an ice cream cone in your pockets on a Sunday, get ready to show identification.

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