SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Have you heard of this international treasure hunt? Geocaching is more than looking for hidden treasures. It’s an opportunity to get out with the family and make new memories.

What is geocaching?

Geocaching is a game that anyone of any age or ability can play. It’s a great way to get people outdoors, especially those who enjoy a good adventure.

Geocaching involves using a GPS, Google Maps or the geocaching app and looking for hidden geocaches. The app is free, though there are in-app purchases available for those who want to find even more geocaches.

When you find a geocache, you will typically find a container with a logbook inside. Sometimes there will be other items, as well as a pen.

If you want to keep an item, make sure to bring something small to trade it with. The logbook is the most important thing as it will tell you who has found the cache and allow you to write that you found it as well.

How do you get started?

There are several things you’ll want to have when you start geocaching. The first is the geocaching app, which you can find through the link here. By downloading this app, you will be able to find all of the geocaches near you by simply searching your location.

Next, you’ll want to sign up for the app. This will allow you to create a username and see all of those geocaches available in the area. It will also let you search other areas in case you’re taking a trip sometime soon.

Where should you go to find geocaches?

This depends on where you want to go in the city of Savannah. If you’re interested in finding something off the beaten path, there are more than 10 geocaches to find at Skidaway Island State Park. If you want to stick to downtown Savannah, you can find plenty in that area as well.

From Forsyth Park to River Street to Daffin Park, you can find geocaches all over the city.