BEAUFORT, SC. (WSAV) — Thursday former City of Beaufort, South Carolina Mayor William Keyserling, who suffered a medical emergency in May, was able to meet the Beaufort County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel and learn about advanced lifesaving medical procedures.

“I’ve always had huge respect for the EMS and our firefighters,” Keyserling told WSAV. “These are people you don’t really know who are trying to do exactly what they did. They did a surprisingly good job and I just thought, I owed it to myself and to them, to thank them face to face, shake their hands and tell them how much I appreciate what they did for me and my new appreciation for what they do for others every day. They train every day and they do this every day. They need to be recognized for that.”

It was on May 21, when Keyserling suffered a medical emergency while boating on the Beaufort River. Local boaters came to his aide and brought him to the Beaufort Memorial Hospital dock where Beaufort County EMS provided advanced lifesaving medical procedures with the assistance of the City of Beaufort/Port Royal Fire Department. 

“It’s amazing how many good samaritans there are out there. Instead of all the bickering and quarreling what we should do is realize that we’re all in this together,” Keyserling said. “We’re brothers and sisters and should be working together and when we don’t agree with each other we should at least be civil to one another. That’s what I try to do.”

Not only has Keyserling been civil in his community he has served his community for years. He was the Mayor for Beaufort, South Carolina from 2008-2020. He served on the city council from 2000-2004 and was a member of the House of Representatives from1992-1996.

Keyserling said he is doing much better and plans to meet the local boaters who helped him as well.

“They’re next. They’re from Hampton County and they just happened to be in the Beaufort area,” he said.