SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Thursday, the Savannah Harley-Davidson and the Fight The War Within organization partnered to pay tribute to 14 military and first responder and community heroes who lost their lives to medically illnesses that could be referred to as internal battles.

“These warriors did not receive proper recognition for their service and sacrifice to our nation and their families because they did not follow the line of duty,” said veteran D’Angelo Shaw.

Some of the illnesses the warriors struggled significantly with included post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety.

According to the Department of Defense Quarterly Suicide Report, last year over 634 active duty and reserve soldiers committed suicide. In 2020, there were 6,146 Veteran suicides, according to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Some family and friends placed their hero’s name tags on the dedication board. (Photo by Hollie Lewis)

“Veteran and First Responder suicide is is an epidemic we are working daily to combat,” said James Collin, treasurer for Fight The War Within, an organization with a mission to help those fighting internal wars by connecting them, their families, and their friends, to resources and by providing emergency grants when possible.

For those who lost their lives, the organization has a Wall of Heroes Board. Each hero whose name is on the board proudly served the United States of America in some capacity, whether in the Armed Forces, Police, Fire, EMS, or Dispatch to keep their memories and names alive, in honor of their surviving family and loved ones.

Thursday, some of the families and friends of those honored helped to recognize the strength and courage of those recognized by placing the heroes’ name tags on the Wall of Heroes Board.

Warriors honored were:

SPC Barry Barker, U.S. Army 2 Striker Calvary Regiment–Dedicated by Ranger Rick; Died on April 4, 2014

SPC Garrett Briggs, U.S. Army 1/75 Ranger Regiment–Dedicated by Miranda/Essex Briggs; Died on January 31, 2018

SSGT Rich Berryhill, U.S. Air Force F35 Mission Data Engineer; Died on April 30, 2018

SSG Lukasz Rogowski, U.S. Army – Dedicated by Leo Rix; Died on April 19,2022

SPC Colin Joseph Kilcoyne, U.S. Army 3rd Infantry Division-Dedicated by Heather Choquette; Died on January 23, 2011

MSG Delbert Leon Wise, USMC; Died on June 7, 2022

LCPL Justin “Jay” Chall, USMC; Died on February 6, 2022

SFC Chadwick Paul, U.S. Army BSC, 3rd Battalion, 3D Special Forces Group (Airborne)-Dedicated by Rachel Paul/Raegyn & Ella Paul

SPC Jordan Rogers, U.S. Army “82nd All American”; Died on February 4, 2018

GySgt Corey Lee Kerr, USMC; Died on June 11, 2022

SGM George Shine Jr., USMC 4th Marine Division; Died on January 16, 2020

SGM Todd Parisi, USMC 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit; Died on March 29, 2018

Tyler Beaudet, Firefighter-Dedicated by Marcel Beaudet/Kham Bell; Died on June 5, 2022

SGT Christopher James Lockett, USMC; Died on January 7, 2019

Those wanting to see the dedication board in person can do so by visiting Savannah Harley-Davidson, where it will stay mounted for all to see according to Collins.

If you or anyone you know are struggling with suicidal thoughts, click or tap here.