EFFINGHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) – Last week, the Effingham County Board of Commissioners approved the Local Maintenance Improvement Grant (LMIG), which will allow for four roads in the county to be improved. 

Part of Old Augusta Road, Belmont Glen, Gracen Road and 1.6 miles of Silver Hill Church Road will be resurfaced using the over $1 million grant for the state that has a 30% match.

Effingham County will also be adding two fire and rescue stations to the community in order to improve the county’s response time and equip them with the ability to handle multiple fire outbreaks if necessary.

“The Guyton Fire Station, just south of the roundabout downtown on Hwy 119 South, should open next month,” said Mark Lastinger, the Effingham County Board of Commissioners Public Information Coordinator. “It will be ready to go as soon as appliances are installed.”

There is already a fire station in Guyton, but Lastinger said it’s small and outdated.

“The county leased it from the City of Guyton after Guyton’s fire department folded a few years ago.”

The Hodgeville Road Station. (Photo provided by Mark Lastinger)

The Hodgeville Road Station across from Belmont Glenn is expected to open in March and is aimed to provide emergency support to the growing county.

The annual LMIG allocation is based on the total centerline road miles for each local road system and the total population of each county or city as compared with the total statewide centerline road miles and total statewide population. 

The LMIG program allows local governments greater flexibility and quicker project delivery.