Effingham Co. mom battling cancer approved for unemployment after months


EDEN, Ga. (WSAV) – After waiting for over five months, an Effingham County mom battling cancer has been approved for unemployment benefits.

Rebecka Hess reached out to WSAV NOW in January asking for help about her claim. She had not heard back from the Georgia Department of Labor since filing in August 2020.

Hess was asked to send more supplementary documents to DOL after speaking with WSAV NOW about her claim.

After about a month of continued communication with DOL, she received a letter saying she’s been approved and will receive thousands of dollars she’s owed.

“I’m glad that unemployment finally came through,” she said. “It’s been a big stress reliever. Now I’m writing a list, like OK, what needs to happen first, second, third.”

Hess says one of the big items on her list is to get her daughter some new clothes and start paying back the bills that have piled up over the last few months.

Even though it was rough, she’s grateful for the people around her who’ve helped her during this time.

“Everybody’s been very understanding. Not just because of the COVID thing, but because of my condition. So that was, that was really nice,” she said.

Hess continues to battle stage 3 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which she was diagnosed with back in February 2020.

She says she’s feeling good and is optimistic that she’s going to get better with continued treatment.

For more resources on unemployment benefits, visit the DOL website here.

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