SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Have you ever noticed an occasional high-pitch beep in your house? It’s not the microwave or the government spying on you; it’s your dead smoke detector.

When your smoke detector battery is low, it will sound the “chirp “to let you know that it needs to be replaced.

It’s recommended to change the battery at least once a year to avoid the annoying sound and a fire hazard.

If you have 10-year batteries, they are supposed to last that period. If that begins to chirp, replace the entire smoke detector, which will normally expire after 10 years.

(NFPA Website)

A rule of thumb to remember:

When replacing a battery or a smoke detector make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions as different models require different steps.

After replacing the detector or the battery, make sure you write down the date on the inside of the alarm.

Smoke detectors range from $20 to $50 depending on the brand, and batteries from $8 to $20.

You can find both in any hardware store and finally, ensure that the smoke detector you buy has an ELT Certification.