SAVANNAH, GA (WSAV) — Local businessman Clinton Edminster has been shining brightly in Savannah for years by offering products at a lower cost and showing customers that what he has to offer is worth their time and investments and he plans to continue.

“I’ve owned and operated Starlandia for about 7 years. We’ve turned into a very mature, very well-run art supply store with a very unique business model that’s helped a lot of people in town with purchasing art supplies for a lower cost. We also trade in old art supplies for store credit so we’ve helped people to not throw stuff into the trash, but bring it into the store so that we can put it back into somebody’s hands.” said Edminster.

Edminster said he loves the incredible Savannah community and locals can do anything they want.  

“Of course, you’ve got to do something that is going to be needed by the community here and if you present it the right way and you’re able to do it honestly and truthfully, with a bit of a sparkle to it, this community is incredibly supportive.” 

Honesty, truth and sparkle are what he will be bringing to those who live in Live Oak, Baldwin Park, Midtown and Parkside towards the end of this year when he plans to open a simple, friendly café on Waters Street called Waters Café.

“These neighborhoods are in mighty need of an affordable food option and we aim to bring good coffee, simple eats, and friendly service to this part of town. This isn’t going to be fancy food. It’s going to be very simple, very grounded, easy to make, and really affordable. We are meeting Waters where it is at and want to be able to provide for everybody in that neighborhood as best we can.” 

Items served at Waters Café will include grilled cheese and variations of different sandwiches, bagels, cheesecake, coffee, latte drinks, espresso drinks, watermelon juice, and soft serve. 

“Savannah has some amazing restaurants that are incredibly sophisticated and high class. We could use, I believe, a couple more that aren’t catering to the high end of the market but are catering to the lower end, to the grounding part of the market,” said Edminster.

The Let’s Build Waters Café! campaign will help get the Waters Café up and running this fall. Photo provided by Clinton Edminster.

In order to open Waters Café this year in late October, or early November, a goal of raising $25,000 has been set and the Let’s Build Waters Café! campaign was started.

The funds raised will help to build out a small kitchen, renovate the bathroom, and update the exterior of the building.

So far, they’ve already passed 50% of their goal with their campaign that includes a unique idea.

“We’re selling naming rights to everything in the cafe. We’re going to engrave your name into a little metal plaque. That will be securely attached to the back of a chair, or the side of a table, or the side of our espresso machine or on the door,” Edminster said. “We have 30, 40 different items that people can name and there’s sometimes multiples of those items.”

On why he decided to sell the naming rights to everything in the café, Edminster said, “People are naturally inclined to want to be a part of something. We really believe that Waters Café is going to be an incredible place. It’s going to be really accepting, really friendly, really cool.”

He continued, “I have an inkling that folks will want to be a part of that and folks would want to be supportive of that. So, this was a really easy way for us to say, ‘Yes, we want your support and here is a little token of something back. Here’s a little bit of appreciation back’. I love the idea that when the cafe opens later this year, you will be able to go in and see all these people’s names of folks in the community that have supported the cafe, literally engraved in the cafe. I just think that’s such a magical, fun idea.”

Even though Waters Café hasn’t officially opened, Edminster is already giving back to those in the community by giving out free hot and iced coffee to anyone who stops by the café on Mondays from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. from now and until they open.