BRYAN COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) — On Tuesday, students, parents, teachers and actors gathered at Bryan County High School to watch a showing of a short film produced by first-year film students at the school.

The short film, titled “A Country Funeral”, follows the story of a family planning and executing the funeral of their matriarch, Maw Maw Cook. It stars Paulette Walker, Dreena Mckenzie, Langley Cornwell and Evan Sibert in the leading roles.

Joseph Frew-Miller, who teaches Digital Media and Film Studies at the school and aided the students in their project, said that this project belonged to the students.

“This is not my film, it’s theirs,” Frew-Miller said.

Still, the students were quick to point out how much he helped them with the production of the film.

“We wouldn’t be anywhere without Mr. Miller,” Co-director Aubri Martin said.

The school even hired professional actors to play the majority of roles in the film.

“Working with all these young kids was so breath of fresh air,” said Paulette Walker, who played the role of Maw Maw in the film.

The film was not an easy task. The students had to change the filming dates due to weather and then had to change up a role because an actor could not make it because of these schedule changes.

Overall, the students said that they learned a lot from the project, even if the filming process didn’t go exactly as planned.

“I’ve learned that it’s a lot more stressful than what you think,” Graysen Kirkpatrick said. He worked as a grip for the production. “I’ve learned that if we didn’t work with others, it wouldn’t work out and we’d just bump heads.”

Other students said that they were happy that they got to participate because of the way that it helped them express themselves.

“I think it was a great way to express our creativity,” Martin said.

You can view the IMDB page for the short film along with a list of all of the students involved by clicking the link here.