SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – June is LGBTQ+ Pride month. WSAV NOW spoke with Juliet Rosner of E. Shaver Booksellers to talk about books that you can read to celebrate the month and educate yourself on the experiences of those in the LGBTQ+ community. The following is a list of recommendations from Rosner, along with who she thinks would benefit most from reading each book.

The Great Believers

Starting off with those who are allies of the community and wish to learn more, Rosner recommended “The Great Believers” by Rebecca Makkai.

“I think it’s a really honest and emotional look into queer history,” she said.

“The Great Believers” is about the impact that the AIDS epidemic had on a group of people living in Chicago. The fictional account spans over 30 years and delves into the struggle of finding the good when faced with so much bad.

You can find more information about this book by clicking or tapping on the link here.


Another recommendation that Rosner had for allies is “Outlawed” by Anne North. It would also be a fit for those who wanted to read a book about LGBTQ+ people without that being the main focus of the novel.

This book is a western that Rosner said introduced her to the genre. The book is set in the 1830s in an alternate version of America where a flu pandemic sweeps the nation.

“There’s a whole plot to drive you through of slinging guns and riding horses and robbing banks,” Rosner explained.

Find out more details on the book by visiting the website linked here.

All The Things We Don’t Talk About and Detransition, Baby

These recommendations are for those who are interested in reading about queer community and families.

“All The Things We Don’t Talk About,” written by Amy Feltman, follows the story of a modern family facing age-old problems. If a story about a nonbinary child, a neurodivergent father, a pansexual mother and so much drama in-between interests you, you’ll want to check out the book through the link here.

“Detransition, Baby” by Torrey Peters is a novel that follows the lives of three fictional women whose lives are pulled off their original path by a single pregnancy. This is another story about a queer family that Rosner said is a good one for someone looking for a general LGBTQ+ book. If you’re interested in this novel, check out the link here.

Gender Queer

Looking for a graphic memoir to read? Those interested in graphic novels might enjoy this piece by Maia Kobabe, which explores what it means to be nonbinary and asexual.

“It’s a really sweet and honest coming of age story of this one particular person,” Rosner said.

You can find this memoir by clicking/tapping on the link here.

“I hear them often referred to as ‘coming of gender’ stories, and that is the best one I’ve read thus far,” she added.

Ana on the Edge

This children’s book by A.J. Sass is the perfect option for a family looking to diversify their kid’s bookshelves. “Ana on the Edge” is about a young person named Ana and their journey discovering their gender.

You can read more about this story through the link here.

E. Shaver Booksellers also has a display of queer books available at its in-person store, which is located on Bull Street.