SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Scenic Siesta is bringing style and flair to outdoor picnics. With themed packages to choose from, anyone can turn a regular day into a cute brunch with the girls, a boho birthday celebration or a romantic date in Forsyth Park.

“Scenic Siesta is a bookable lounge, and picnic experience,” owner Rebekah Francois said. “It’s great for birthdays, anniversaries or any reason to nap, nibble and gather.”

Francois said the pandemic was one of her driving forces to start Scenic Siesta. 

“Previously, I was in short-term rental property management,” Francois said, “and since travel came to a screeching halt, I had to get creative and come up with something else to do with my time.”

She said she is thankful for how positive the response has been to the business. 

“A lot of people love this experience because they are able to stay socially distanced and still have a dining experience,” Francois said. “I think overall, it’s been a really fun journey.”

Francois said on average, she operates for two weeks out of the month. 

“It would be more if I had a few extra hands,” she explained. “It’s mostly a one-woman show, but I do take multiple bookings in a day.”

The business owner said she has been able to get her set-up time down to 30 minutes. 

“If I really want to pace myself and just like enjoy the design experience and not feel rushed, I’ll take up to an hour,” Francois added.

There are six Scenic Siesta packages to choose from. Francois said custom options are available as well.

“The packages vary with the amenities,” she explained. “I have the brunch and beauties package, which is most popular with my bachelorette parties, bridal showers.”

“There’s also the ‘pick a square’ package,” Francois continued. “You can choose between the Telfair Square and/or the Oglethorpe Square, and that also includes a beer pong experience.”

Anyone looking to enjoy a Scenic Siesta themselves can click or tap HERE

You can also enter Scenic Siesta’s giveaway for the chance to win a 120-minute picnic experience for up to 12 guests. This will take place in Forsyth Park on any 2022 date of your choosing. Visit HERE to enter.