SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — The past two years have meant no Easter egg hunts for many families. For some that might mean looking for new alternatives to do with the family when it’s finally time for everyone to get together again. To aid in the search for new activities, here is a list of five ways to switch up your classic Easter egg hunt.

No candy?

Instead of filling your eggs with sweets, why not try something different? Don’t take this as a suggestion to put vegetables in your easter eggs. Instead, try putting things in them that, while still exciting, won’t melt or cause cavities.

Looking for ideas? Click the link here for a list of 100 things you can put in a plastic Easter egg besides candy from The Pragmatic Parent.

Indoor easter egg hunt

If you’re really looking for a change, you should consider doing your Easter egg hunt indoors. Under the couch, in the fridge, you can hide the eggs in all sorts of places. Just prepare for your home to get a little messy when everyone is racing to see who can get the most eggs.

If you’d like tips on how to throw an indoor Easter egg party, you can check out the link here for more helpful information.

Hide a golden ticket (or two)

This idea comes from the blog “Aspen Jay” and involves printing out a couple of “golden tickets” through the link here or designing your own. Then you can put them in an egg and hide them the day of.

What’s the goal? Let the kids find them. Then, let them redeem their tickets for special prizes. Maybe the prize is a gift card, a day out with the parents or something that is simple and fun.

Make it a sensory experience

This idea comes from Good Housekeeping and The Best Ideas for Kids. What you’ll need is a small kiddie pool, rice, and paint along with a few other measuring and baking items. There’s no baking necessary, just a drying period of 1-2 hours. After making the rice, you’ll be able to fill the kiddie pool with it and hide your eggs.

Your kids will have a blast with this as they dig through the rice to find their prizes. You can find the Good Housekeeping link here and the link for how to make the rice here.

Do a photo scavenger hunt

Looking for something to do with older kids and teens? This idea from Tatertots and Jello is a great option. All you’ll need is a checklist and a camera. Then, you’ll send the kids (and adults) on their way to take photos of the neighborhood while everyone is celebrating Easter. It’s a nice way to get memorable photos of the whole family while also keeping the older kids and teens entertained.

You can find a link with more of an explanation and a premade checklist here.