SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Savannah’s own Enocha Edenfield Tours took News 3 on a tour of various haunted areas downtown on Halloween.

We first stopped at the Savannah Theatre, which is the oldest continuously operating theater in the state of Georgia and one of the oldest in the nation opening in 1818.

“All good theatres are haunted,” said Edenfield. “You’ve got the spirits of performers in this building.”

One of the ghosts that haunts the halls of the Savannah Theatre is an actress named Elizabeth.

Many people say that she likes to pop up on stage in the middle of productions.

“She’s not done with her time in the limelight,” said Edenfield.

There also is the ghost of a little boy named Benji who “likes to mess with people.

“A lot of people who have gone to see shows here have said that they have felt their clothing or their hair get tugged on them,” said Edenfield. “When they turn around, no one’s there.”

After the theatre, we went to the infamous Wright Square, one of the first squares in Savannah made by General James Edward Oglethorpe in 1733.

“People in the area believe that this square just has a heaviness to it that you don’t feel in some of the other squares,” said Edenfield.

Established as a marketplace where you were able to find goods, the square was the sight of public executions and a slave market.

The first woman to be executed in Georgia, Alice Riley, met her fate here where she was hung for allegedly killing her master.

“They believe that she still wanders this square. Other people have picked up on other spirits, and maybe part of the reason that there are other spirits is the fact that our first burial ground was actually off of this square,” Edenfield said.

A scenic view of Savannah's Colonial Park cemetery complete with large gravestones and an even larger tree with spanish moss around it.

Next was the Savannah staple Colonel Cemetery, which was in operation from 1750 to 1853.

“It was confirmed about 15 years ago, they did ground penetrating radar here, and it was confirmed that there are hundreds of marked graves and thousands of unmarked graves here,” said Edenfield.

This is said to be the reason why this cemetery has so many paranormal encounters.

Edenfield recalled a time when she was on a tour and a couple noticed a figure behind her. She turned around and saw a dark shape disappear.

“I turned back to them and I said, ‘What did you all see?’ They said: ‘We saw someone in white shoes walking through the cemetery before they disappeared’,” said Edenfield.

The old Chatham County Jail was our next stop, in use from the 1800s to the mid-1900s.

“That is the fanciest guard tower I think you’ll ever see in your entire life,” Edenfield said.

Regular cells were above ground, which you can see remnants of today, but there was also a dungeon below.

“I have been by here myself during one of my TikTok lives and I saw a shadow figure in one of the cells,” said Edenfield.

Locals have said they have seen silhouettes in the old cells pacing in the darkness.

Years back, when the facility was rented by a Christian high school, Edenfield spoke to former students who said the teachers stopped working after dark.

They explained that the staff would hear voices echoing through the building after dark, with some even calling out their names.

Finally, we went to the Old Sorrel Weed house, which is known as Savannah’s haunted mansion.

It was originally owned by businessman Francis Sorrel who lived in the home with his wife and several kids.

When the yellow fever outbreak hit, it took his wife, so he remarried to his wife’s sister, Matilda.

From analysis of her diaries and letters, some believe she had some type of mental illness leading to her suicide, jumping off of the building to the pavement.

The house today invites many paranormal investigations and tours because of its chilling past, Edenfield suggested.

“When you have a place that gets investigated a lot, there is a theory in the paranormal community that that attracts spirits who may not have actually had an attachment to the home to begin with.”

A dark stairwell illuminated by a slightly opened door at the top of the stairs.  Shot with a long exposure to create the effect of a sillhouette of a ghost like figure at the top of the stairwell.
(Getty Images)

She took her dog with her on a tour of the house where she says he had fun exploring the different chambers of the house, until…

“We got down to the basement and he could not get out of there fast enough,” said Edenfield.
“I don’t know what the ghost was doing but he wanted out. Once we got to the first floor, he was fine.”