Illinois woman charged with battery after dispute with masks, yelling ‘white power’

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McHENRY, Ill. (WGN) – McHenry police have charged a woman with battery after a dispute over masks turned violent at a Home Depot this past weekend.

On Friday afternoon at the McHenry Home Depot, Teri Hill, 54, of McHenry, stopped an employee to ask why more shoppers weren’t being forced to wear their masks. Except she took off her own mask to ask the question.

Another shopper, Sydney Waters, then asked Hill to put her mask back on. Waters said Hill threatened to cough and spit on her.

“I was looking around like ‘woah, OK, we’re not gonna do that.’ It just kept going and going,” Waters said.

A physical altercation between the two women, who are white, happened after Hill said she believes “in white power.”

“What does you being white have to do with you getting your way?” Waters asked. ” Because I’m a white woman and that’s what happens,” Hill countered.

After Waters called her a “racist piece of trash” Hill said “I believe in white power, (expletive) white power.”

Police arrested and charged Hill after the altercation with battery and disorderly conduct.

Waters said she intends to testify against her in court.

“I’m a white person and I feel it’s my responsibility to go and collect other white people who are running around being atrocious,” Waters said. “And if you want to say ‘white power’ in my presence, it’s not stopping there.”

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