COLUMBIA, S.C. (WSPA) — Whether you voted early or will vote Tuesday, election officials said they’re protecting your vote.

“Election results in South Carolina are accurate,” said South Carolina State Election Commission (SEC) spokesman John Michael Catalano. “Our election process is secure and it’s also transparent.”

When legislation was signed into law that established two weeks of no-excuse early voting ahead of elections, lawmakers made some changes to the state’s election laws.

The bill received unanimous support at the State House.

It enhanced penalties for election crimes, made voter fraud a felony in South Carolina, created a new hotline where you can report voter intimidation, vote buying, or other crimes and expanded post-election audit requirements.

Catalano said the state’s audit process is transparent.

“They’ll do this in public in front of everyone so anyone can come see,” Catalano explained. “That’s a really good thing because it shows we trust the results but we do check behind them and we want to make sure anyone who wants to check behind with us can be a part of the process too.”

Results from these hand-count audits are posted on the SEC website.

On Election Day, there are safeguards in place at your precinct. Anyone who comes in, to either vote, work or be a poll watcher, must provide an ID. Catalano said, “This is so we know everyone who has entered in the polling place is who they say they are.”

State election officials also said the state’s voting system is never connected to the internet. They said computers to tabulate votes, voting machines, and scanners do not have the capability of connecting to the internet.

The SEC has a resource book with more information about the state’s election process. You can read more here.