SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — It’s Election Day! And that means the candidates spent Tuesday making their last bids to lock in your vote.

We thought we’d take a peek at the candidates’ social media pages and see what they’re up to today.

The current mayor, Van Johnson, went with a simple photo to spread the word about voting.

Polls are now open in #Savannah!

Go and VOTE!wake

Mayor Van Johnson (i) Instagram

Another mayoral candidate, Kesha Gibson-Carter, is feeling very confident about her chances of winning and has been manifesting this on social media. On her Facebook, you’ll notice the “about me” section already says, “68th MAYOR of the CITY OF SAVANNAH.”

Kesha Gibson-Carter Facebook page

Gibson-Carter has been notably active on social media throughout her campaign, stirring up a lot of support for the current Post 1 Alderwoman At-Large.

Yesterday, she also posted a video including photos of her supporters with a heartfelt caption asking local voters to cast their ballot on Nov. 7:

“As we approach the final lap, the #VictoryLap, we wanted to share some memories from #68Mayor with the citizens of Savannah. We know that Kesha Gibson-Carter is focused on the community and the real needs of the people of Savannah. By voting her into the Mayor seat on tomorrow, we are voting for a voice for the people that extends beyond the vote and actually matters.

We are voting to have a say in the community that we want to rebuild. We are voting to preserve Savannah’s history. We are voting to prioritize community benefit OVER financial benefit. We are voting to reset initiatives that will reduce crime and make Savannah safer for everyone. We are voting to revitalize the economy for everyone. We are voting for community members to hold onto their legacy and keep their homes. We are voting for a fierce woman leader who will face the fears of the community and empower us to be a strengthened Savannah.

Don’t let tomorrow go by without casting your #VOTE for Kesha Gibson-Carter! We KNOW that she will show up for us, so it is up to US to show up for HER! If you find yourself, or others in the video, please add the tag. Elect Kesha Gibson-Carter-Mayor win tomorrow is a win FOR US ALL! Tomorrow this time, we should be celebrating OUR win; the #WIN for the #PEOPLE!


CAT to the POLLS will be providing #ZeroFare Transportation to the polls. You can find the schedule at


Kesha Gibson-Carter Instagram

The third mayoral candidate, T.L. Davis is known for being quiet on social media but does have a website where you can reach out to her and her team. She was last active on Facebook in July when she was visiting the Hyundai Metaplant.

Moving on to the Savannah Alderman at Large Post 1 candidates, Carol Bell started posting earlier this morning when she spotted one of her supporters encouraging others to send Bell back to city hall.

Elect Carol Bell Facebook page

The photo was captioned, “Let’s send Carol Bell back to City Hall today! #vote

She later made a follow-up post continuing to encourage others to vote.

Elect Carol Bell Facebook page

𝗩𝗼𝘁𝗲 𝘁𝗼𝗱𝗮𝘆!

Make your voice heard in this crucial election! 🗳️ Every vote counts, and your participation is vital for shaping the future of our community and ensuring you have an experienced leader as your Alderman At-Large, Post 1.

Elect Carol Bell

A surprise late candidate, Jason Leslie Combs, decided to use Election Day to check off an item on his bucket list: casting a vote for himself during an election.

Jason Leslie Combs Facebook page

He said, “Bucket list items: Vote for myself ✅

Just after 5:00 p.m. Alderwoman At-Large, Post 1 candidate Roshida Edwards made a point to highlight her supporters’ efforts throughout the campaign. Edwards has been very active online during her campaign, often crediting her voters for successful turnouts at her campaign events. She last posted a photo with the song “Shake the City Up” by Blazehustle referencing her position on the city needing radical change.

Roshida Edwards Facebook page

Edwards said she likes to “meditate” prior to the polls closing:

Alright Savannah you have 2 hrs left to make it count… I’m signing out to meditate and get dressed for tonight…

Thank you to everyone that has voted and everyone headed to do so.

I’m doing this because I want better for ALL OF US….

We did things that no other candidate has done,

Reached people that many forgot about

No matter the outcome……


I love you guys and see yall tonight 💋❤️✌️

Continue to

Shake things up…..


Curtis Singleton has remained quiet on Election Day but did post yesterday about his current position as president of The Mediation Center of the Coastal Empire:

curtisforcouncil Instagram

We can make things happen…it’s on us! We can let things happen.. It’s on us! Either way our vote is our voice and our choice. It’s on us! Peace 💯 #curtisforcouncil,” Singleton said on Instagram.

Veteran and Savannah State grad Marc Anthony Smith hasn’t been very active on social media during his campaign but does have a website where you can contact him and his team.

Former District 6 Alderman Tony Thomas, who lost his seat after serving for 20 years to newcomer Kurtis Purtee, is known for his controversial social media presence. He has been very active on Facebook during his current campaign and often includes edited photos that superimpose his face over a background.

Tony Thomas, Savannah’s Alderman Facebook

Thomas told Facebook users, “It’s show time! Today is the day. I need your vote! #TonyForSavannah

Savannah Alderman At-Large, Post 1 candidate Clinton Young isn’t online campaigning very often and we have not found social media pages or a website as of yet.

Savannah Alderman At-Large, Post 2 candidate Alicia Miller-Blakely (i) chose to use her platform to uplift fellow candidates who have backed her campaign. Although the caption was short, the message was clear on who she wanted to serve alongside her.

Alicia Miller-Blakely Facebook page

The caption simply said, “VOTE!”

The other candidate competing for the Savannah Alderman At-Large, Post 2 seat is Pat Rossiter. He has been updating his supporters throughout the day and was even out in public speaking with potential voters and Savannah Alderman District 4 candidate Nick Palumbo this morning.

Pat Rossiter for Alderman At-Large Post 2 Facebook page

He told his followers earlier today:

“You’ve got FIVE hours left to vote, Savannah! Let’s do this!



Bernetta B. Lanier (i), the unopposed candidate from District 1, went live on Facebook earlier today to encourage residents to cast their ballots.

Bernetta Bryant Lanier Facebook page

Within the 10-minute clip, Lanier shows off her personal polling place and tells viewers about the importance of making their voices heard.

She also shared a photo taken by fellow candidate Miller-Blakely earlier featuring Lanier, Gibson-Carter and Miller-Blakely.

Bernetta Bryant Lanier Facebook page

The three candidates have been very vocal throughout their campaigns about their support of one another.

Savannah Alderman District 2 candidates also discussed Election Day and made their positions known on social media.

It’s no secret that District 2 candidate, Tia Z. Brightwell is a big fan of the color pink, often using it throughout her campaign on her social media posts. Today, she stayed true to her favorite color and created a photo compilation highlighting moments throughout her campaign. In her video, she invites supporters to join her election results watch party at 8:00 p.m. on Nov. 7 at 1115A W. Broad Ct.

tiaz_brightwell Instagram page

She told supporters:

This has been a journey, and I won’t trade any parts of it. Today is finally here and I’m excited, humble and proud of myself for stepping out and I’m looking forward to the outcome for the people of the 2nd District, and the people of our beautiful city. #savannahgeorgia we have a choice to make. There’s no stopping us now, we will be out there waving our signs today to get people to the polls. I hope everyone is up and making a family plan to vote today. Share! Share! #electtiaforthepeople #votetuesday #rememberinnovember.”

In addition, Brightwell posted a photo gallery on Facebook showing off supporters and fans across Savannah.

Brightwell isn’t the only candidate hosting a watch party. Second District candidate Detric Leggett will also be hosting a watch party, according to his Facebook post.

There will be three locations 800 East ( 800 east Gwinnett st), The Avenue (34th @Waters Ave). and Collins Quarters (Forsyth Park band Shell) for the party which includes free food and drinks until they run out. The festivities will start at 8:00 p.m. and end once the results are revealed.

The final candidate running for the Second District, local renowned chef Taylor Washington, has had some of the most recognizable and iconic campaign ads among all the candidates, often posing in her chef’s hat and uniform, arms crossed, in front of a simple background. She has been the most, if not one of the most frequent posters on Election Day, keeping her supporters updated almost every hour.

Taylor Washington Facebook page

Her post echoed her consistent passion for local politics:

Grand Rising Savannah/District 2

I RISE with Fire in my bones awaiting the outcome for this very very important ELECTION. Until then CANT STOP DONT STOP WONT STOP‼️Regardless on what direction this GO….the citizens of District 2……VOICE HAS SPOKEN. This has been truly a inspiring journey that I will forever REMEMBER‼️ TODAY IS THAT DAY TO LET YOUR VOICE SING 🗳️#vote

*The truth is, no one of us can be free until everybody is free…….Maya Angelou


She also posted a live video just before 7 p.m. to keep viewers informed on her choices for city council.

District 3 candidate Clinton Cowart shared a photo to his Facebook page earlier asking voters to choose honest people for city council.

The caption simply said:

“Today is the day ! Remember to Vote !

The future of Savannah, Georgia depends on you !”

Another District 3 candidate, Todd Rhodes, has been posting to his Facebook page throughout Election Day. However, he did share a touching video created live by his father, Todd A Rhodes Sr., who is known locally as “Coppa Claus.” In the video, his father announces his support for his son on Nov. 7.

He captioned the tribute, “[Proud] to be [endorsed] by my Father.”

District 3 candidate Tammy Stone may not have had a huge social media presence on Election Day, but earlier this week she did post a live video that featured her dancing to music in her car seemingly completely unbothered by the stress of the election.

Incumbent Linda Wilder-Bryan has spent the day talking about her faith and personal values on social media. She went live earlier in the day encouraging residents to vote by speaking with people on the street. In the video, Bryan joyfully asks people if they’ve voted yet smiling and waving at residents that pass by.

Linda Wilder-Bryan Facebook page

District 4 candidate Calum Crampton posted on his Facebook page a short story about a personal moment in his life. There was no image but the text said:

In 2008 I applied for Savannah Police Department. Years earlier I applied and tested for the NYPD. I tested in top 2%. After high school I was recruited to armed forces. My test scores were high. I had a perfect score on the ASVAB (military entrance test). I was so high scoring the Navy sent a recruiter FROM FL! to test me for Nuclear Program.

Had medical been different I might be a retired military or police officer now. It’s not for lack of trying or qualification.

Just saying I think at a high level. It’s not in my nature to brag about it though.

Calum Crampton for Alderman District 4 Savannah Facebook page

Incumbent Nick Palumbo is known for his TikTok page, @NickforSavannah and of course, had to make a TikTok video for Election Day. In the video, he passionately explains what he believes he can do for District 4 while also mentioning that the staff is exhausted after a long campaign and looks forward to the race ending soon.

The caption read, “ITS ELECTION DAY SAVANNAH! Get out and vote TODAY. Polls close at 7pm tonight! #savannah #electionday #voting #vote

Dr. Robert Bryant is competing against incumbent Estella E. Shabazz for the District 5 seat. Bryant hasn’t posted many photos but has been vocal today about who he would like to see in city council. His last post was a simple text post saying, “You don’t vote and the developers take our city Savannah.”

Dr. Robert Bryant Facebook page

Bishop Estella Edwards Shabazz spoke to her viewers yesterday in a video on her Facebook page.

Bishop Estella Edwards Shabazz Facebook page

She captioned the video, “Tomorrow morning we are bringing our #ForwardTogether movement home. I value all your support and we’re almost to the finish line! Tomorrow let’s do this!”

Current District 6 Alderman Kurtis Purtee shared a photo gallery of what he’s doing on Election Day on his Facebook page. He also chose to go live earlier and encourage voters to make their voices heard.

He said, “Only about an hour left to get out and vote if you haven’t already!

Make your voice heard!

Another candidate, Lisa Jackson Lockhart hasn’t been too active on socials lately. However, you can find her professional LinkedIn page.

Chase DeCarlo can easily be contacted through his website. Like many other candidates, he went live on his Facebook page to inform voters earlier in the day.

The last candidate for District 6, Mike McCan, went live as well on his Facebook page and said in a text post later today, “DISTRICT 6 GO VOTE!!!! Low turn out will not favor well for change!! Your vote is your voice! No vote=No voice!”

Mike McCann Facebook page

McCan posed with his children and smiled the morning of Election Day. He has posted throughout the day to keep his supporters informed.