ATLANTA (WSAV) – Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger spoke to the media Monday morning from the State Capitol.

Raffensperger gave the latest updates regarding early voting numbers and the general election.

Over 2.7 million voters have already cast their vote in Georgia.

The Secretary of State ensured voters that their “vote counts.”

Raffensperger addressed concerns over absentee ballots saying that traditionally, only about one percent of absentee ballots are rejected and that he doesn’t expect that to be that much higher this year. He added that the signatures must be verified however.

Raffensperger suggested voters use BallotTrax or to check if their absentee ballot has been accepted.

According to Raffensperger , counties are currently verifying signatures for absentee ballots and processing them for tabulation.

The state is allowing this process to take place now because of the pandemic and large numbers of absentee ballots expected.  Because they are doing much of the processing work now, Raffensperger says many absentee ballots will be ready to be tabulated on election night. Because of that, he says we may not be waiting days to get many of the absentee results.

Raffensperger added they will have techs spread out across the state to make sure if anything happens with new machines that there will be help available.

Raffensperger says they still expect long lines on Election Day and ask that voters casting their ballots on November 3 to have patience.