SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — We’re just over a week away from Sen. Raphael Warnock (D) battling it out with Republican challenger Herschel Walker right here in the Hostess City.

Both candidates are hard on the campaign trail this week ahead of what many are calling the most important debate of the election season.

During a rally held in Wadley, Georgia on Thursday, Walker confirmed that he still intends to debate Warnock next Friday night at the Plant Riverside District in Savannah.

“Oh is he gonna be there? He better be there, he told us he was gonna be there,” Walker proclaimed. “Are you gonna be there? Okay, so I’ll see you there.”

When Walker was asked about recent accusations that he paid for a former girlfriend’s abortion, he called the allegations false. Going on to say it’s a smear campaign by his detractors.

“The Democrats are desperate for this seat because this seat is important, they’re very desperate for this seat. I love my family, I’ll always love my family but I’m gonna win this race,” Walker said.

Next Friday’s debate is expected to be the only chance voters will have to see the challenger and incumbent face off in this election cycle.

On Thursday, Warnock stopped in downtown Savannah. He mentioned the Walker controversy in passing but says ultimately, it’s in the hands of the voters.

“What we are hearing about my opponent is disturbing, and I think the people of Georgia have a real choice about who they think is ready to represent them in the United States Senate,” Warnock said.

Augusta University Political Expert, Mary-Kate Lizotte said, while many individuals already know how they’ll vote this fall, the debate could still influence some. Especially if the challenger impresses next Friday night.

“This could work in Walker’s favor if they only have one debate,” Lizotte said. “If he gets positive coverage for doing better than expected, then he likely won’t agree to another debate.”

Warnock will hold another campaign stop Thursday night in Liberty County.