ATLANTA (WSAV) — Georgia is less than two weeks away from early voting and the last day to register to vote for the midterm is Oct. 11.

But all eyes are on the Peach State’s highly contested Senate race that could shift the balance of power in Washington.

Georgia’s Senate race is heating up this week. Herschel Walker’s son lashed out calling his father irresponsible and a liar following reports emerging that Walker paid for his girlfriend’s abortion. 

“On one level, it is not going to deter hardened partisans who have already made up their minds,” said Andrea Gillespie, Emory University Political Science professor.

“It’s unfortunate that it’s October and information is coming out about candidates, but that always happens,” said Deborah Scott, a voting rights advocate and CEO of Georgia Standup, a non-profit Think Tank. “It’s called the October surprise.”

While Walker denied the allegations and said he loved his son no matter what, voting experts say it could impact the midterms.

“I do think though this is damaging,” Gillespie said. “It is damaging for those, that tiny sliver of the persuadable voters that are going to decide the difference between winning and losing this election. This gives them additional evidence to not turn out and support Herschel Walker.”

His Democratic opponent Raphael Warnock did not address the tweets but did talk about his stance on pro-choice while walker maintains his stance on pro-life.

“I’m sure this will have an effect on the election,” Scott said. ” But it’s still early. Early voting starts October 17th so I’m sure there will be some other surprises that come out,” Scott said.

“It neutralizes abortion as an issue for Republicans in the state,” Gillespie said.

Experts say the issue of abortion may play a role in the senate race, along with former president Trump’s endorsement of Walker and that may abstain voters from casting a ballot but voting rights activists say, this may not convince hard-core republicans to convert over nor will it affect the gubernatorial race.

A recent Emerson College poll shows Walker has a slight lead over Warnock but political pundits say this race could head to a run-off given how close it is. 

Warnock and Walker are set to debate for the first time next week on Oct. 14 in Savannah.