SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV)—One organization is helping inform voters in the run-up to Election Day.

United States of Care (USofCare), a nonpartisan nonprofit, released its 2020 Voter Action Guide to educate and empower voters.

The guide offers key questions for voters to research about each candidate prior to casting their ballot this fall. It also provides a toolkit of frequently asked questions about voting.

“As we enter the home stretch of this election amid the worst public health crisis in a hundred years, health care remains a top priority for voters,” said Emily Barson, Executive Director at United States of Care.

“The American people are counting on candidates to offer practical solutions to both their immediate challenges and the long-term gaps in our health care system,” Barson added. “Our 2020 Voter Action Guide highlights challenges that individuals and families are grappling with during the pandemic.”

USofCare’s 2020 Voter Action Guide urges constituents to ask local and national representatives the following questions:

  • Both now and after the pandemic, what would you do to create a health care system that is reliable, fully resourced, and available whenever it is needed?
  • What efforts will you take to improve our health care system to care for everyone, including people who are vulnerable and those who were already struggling before the pandemic hit?
  • How will you ensure people can provide for themselves and their loved ones, especially considering the financial impact of the pandemic?
  • How will your initiatives make it easier for people to feel secure and free to make decisions?
  • What will you do to assure we are prepared for future surges of the pandemic?

“United States of Care is constantly talking to people across the country about COVID-19 and the state of health care in the US,” Erin Huppert, Director of State External Affairs and Partnerships at United States of Care said.

“Voters want leaders to focus on solutions to ensure that they and their loved ones can access and afford their needed care,” Huppert added.

United States of Care Senior Director of External Affairs Joanna Dornfeld says the guide is made to be an easy-to-use tool voters can turn to for the presidential election as well as other local upcoming elections.

“COVID-19 has magnified the critical problems that exist, particularly the disparities that exist for people of color in this pandemic and we know that we need practical solutions,” Dornfeld said.

“We really put together this guide to help voters register, find where to go and vote and strategies for voting. But then also how to engage with candidates directly,” Dornfeld added. “Whether that be through a candidate forum, a virtual coffee hour or just sending them a note to talk about what is most important to them.”