STATESBORO, Ga. (WSAV) — Senate candidate Herschel Walker hit the campaign trail Wednesday.

Dozens of folks gathered in Statesboro to hear why he believes he’s the best choice for Georgians this election season.

“I wanna attack the economy, I wanna attack our national security, trying to get America’s dream back together, and also get these communities safe,” said Walker. “Right now, even in Atlanta, I don’t want my wife to even go to the mall because I’m not too sure what’s gonna happen there. Where does it get that we’re in a country right now that you can’t even go outside?”

Just one day after making headlines for skipping a GOP debate, Walker says it’s because he doesn’t want his challengers gaining any publicity off of his name, or the work he’s put in.

However, Walker added that he’s more than ready to battle current Senator Raphael Warnock if the opportunity arises.

“I’m ready for Senator Warnock. They keep saying, ‘you’re playing a game’ or whatever my opponent is saying. You know, the way I do it I’ve been doing it all my life … I’m here to beat Raphael Warnock. I can defeat him, they can’t. When he’s ready to go, I’m ready to go,” Walker said.

With less than three weeks left in Georgia’s primary election season, Walker says he’s the best candidate for the job, and one that won’t let the bright lights of Washington distract him from his commitment to his native Georgia roots.

“People should vote for me because I’m the better candidate. I’m the candidate that has proven that I can win this seat. I ain’t gonna get to Washington and change up like most people do. I don’t need to be re-elected, that’s one of the reasons I think people go to Washington. People go to Washington with all these bright ideas, and they get there and want to get re-elected and all those bright ideas go out the window,” said Walker.

A reminder that early voting for the primary started on Monday. May 24 is the final day to vote in Georgia’s primary elections.