SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Long lines were the topic of discussion for early voting, however, voting on election day for the Georgia Senate runoff was steady throughout the day.

Voters packed the polls and cast their ballots for who they feel is best for the Senate.

Yolandra Shipp, a Chatham County resident said she was happy to see so many people letting their voices be heard a second time around.

“I think people are really concerned about the two candidates and you know the choices are different, let me put it that way,” Shipp said. “And so, I think people are really concerned about that, so they’re making their voice be known and I’m glad to see that people are exercising their it to come back for the runoff and they even said they’ve been busy all day inside, so it’s great.”

One Precinct manager said turnout was good seeing about 150 people per hour.

Kimkio Gelman, a local voter said her friend this is most people he’s seen for a runoff election.

“Well, I was just talking to our friend who’s lived here for 40 years, and he said he’s never seen as many voting machines for a runoff,” Gelman said.

Gelman said since living in Savannah, she motivated than ever to be involved in every single election.

“For me, it’s hugely important, it says how passionate people are about civic responsibility, and I know for me having move to Savannah about four years ago, it’s night and day how passionate I feel, I feel like my vote really counts here,” Gelman said.

And for local resident, James Cuthbert he said voting is a right we should not take for granted.

“We need our culture to do our part and our part is to keep the message going that Dr. King and the other people who have died for us to vote keeping on,” Cuthbert said.