SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – With the recertification of Georgia’s presidential race complete, officials still face the challenge of debunking allegations surrounding the election.

The latest — allegations that voting machines in Ware County flipped 37 votes from President Donald Trump to Democrat Joe Biden. Trump retweeted a post about the claim on Sunday.

“This is another of the falsehoods being peddled by conspiracy advocates trying to convince the gullible of why the presidential election didn’t turn out as they’d hoped,” said Walter Jones, the communications manager for voter education at the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office, in a press release Monday.

“No voting machines have been seized. No one has unearthed evidence of ‘vote flipping’ because it didn’t happen,” the conservative former journalist continued. “And no one has discovered some secret algorithm for altering the election outcome because that’s nonsense.”

According to the office, Ware County’s hand tally — part of a statewide post-election audit — did result in a difference of 37 additional votes for Trump.

“This small vote change is evidence of humans being less precise than machines at counting, and nothing more,” Jones said. “To allege that it somehow proves the machines flipped votes is irresponsible and reckless.”

He added that if there had been “a secret algorithm,” the results of the audit would’ve shown a consistent variation statewide to the one in Ware County.

Gabriel Sterling, Georgia’s voting system implementation manager, also dismissed the claim Monday in a press conference.

“There was a written report from an activist that says the hand count was 37 off — it was,” Sterling said. “He says the only reason it could be off is an algorithm in the machines, which is ridiculous.”

Sterling added that it was irresponsible for elected officials to share the tweet.