SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Standout Democrat Stacey Abrams is voicing her support in the Savannah mayoral runoff election.

On Tuesday, the former Georgia gubernatorial candidate endorsed Alderman Van Johnson for Mayor of Savannah.

“You have the ability to choose strong leaders. Leaders like my friend Van Johnson. Leaders who share our ideals and values,” Abrams said in a video shared on Johnson’s campaign page.

The alderman joined Abrams in Atlanta for the Democratic debate Wednesday night and Abrams stayed in the capitol Thursday for an event to raise awareness about voter suppression.

“I believe the right to vote is the bedrock of our democracy,” Abrams said in the video.

The endorsement is a major step forward for Johnson’s campaign. He’s once again taking on incumbent Mayor Eddie DeLoach in a runoff on Dec. 3.

On his own Facebook page, DeLoach on Friday shared what seems to be a response to Tuesday’s announcement from Johnson’s campaign.

“I’m not about out-of-town endorsements. I’m not about out-of-town fundraisers,” he shared, along with a video ad.