SC Congresswoman-elect Nancy Mace ready to get down to work

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WASHINGTON (WSAV) – The campaign is over — now it’s time to get down to business.

That’s just what South Carolina District 1 Congresswoman-elect Nancy Mace is doing in her first week in Washington.

Mace, who defeated incumbent Rep. Joe Cunningham in November, is one of a record number of new female Republicans now on Capitol Hill.

She said she started to cry flying into Washington, D.C., so moved thinking about her journey and what lies ahead.

Mace says she has been doing 12-14 days in congressional freshman orientation for the past week.

She is still making time to tout South Carolina’s success in battling the COVID-19 virus and reopening businesses safely, as well as the lack of controversy when it came to this year’s election results in the state.

Mace says she will follow through on her campaign promise, to help bring back unity to the House.

The congresswoman-elect is already working with the other side of the aisle already by keeping several members of Cunningham’s staff.

“There was a referendum on us as a nation to ensure that we do work together going forward,” explains Mace. “If we were that divided and everything was almost 50-50 across the board in turnout and districts that were close and the ones that flipped from Democrat to Republican.

“It is incumbent on us to do the job we were elected to do, and that means we have to work together.”

Mace hopes to instill more confidence in the public about their political leaders, something that has eroded with the controversy surrounding the presidential election.

She believes investigating accusations of fraud connected to the election is a big first step.

“We have allowed our disagreements to cause great division which is why it’s so important right now that all legal avenues are exhausted,” explains Mace. “If there is evidence it should come forward.”

“We should all be able to know what that is, but also to ensure both sides feel like it was a competent election and there was integrity in the process,” she continues. “That is the basis of the foundation of our country.”

Mace says while she wants all legal votes counted, and once the results of the election are certified by a state, then that should be the end of the issue.

As for her own platform, she says jobs and the economy are the items at the top of her list once she is sworn into office.

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