Savannah’s mayor asks for 4 more years

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Mayor Eddie DeLoach was out bright and early Monday morning waving a sign and saying he’s looking for every vote in Tuesday’s runoff.

“We’ll just keep pushing forward and get out message out and see how it all adds up,” said the mayor. “I hope it means that voters see things the way I do.”

DeLoach became mayor four years ago after the runoff in December of 2015 and he says he can do it again. More importantly, he believes he’s earned four more years.

“I am all about getting things done,” said DeLoach. “It’s not about talking, it’s all about getting it done and that’s the message out there. You know, in four years we’ve accomplished a lot and we want to make sure people know we’ve been out there working for them.”

While campaigning on the southside Monday, DeLoach told News 3 he’s not looking for support for any one particular area: “I’m looking for all of Savannah to be out there voting for me so I don’t represent any particular precinct or anything like that. I have represented all of Savannah and worked hard for all of Savannah.”

Late Monday, dozens of supporters rallied for DeLoach at a southside park. News 3 did ask him about Stacey Abrams’ visit to Savannah (former Democratic gubernatorial candidate who is campaigning for his opponent Van Johnson).

“You can’t do anything about who comes to town and who doesn’t,” said DeLoach. “What I do know is most of the decisions that are decided are decided here in Savannah and not in Atlanta.”

The mayor says he’s counting on voters to send him back to city hall.

“I just want them to say, ‘The guy’s done his job, the guy’s been out there working and doing what he said he was going to do and we’re going to give him another four years.’ That’s all I want,” DeLoach said.

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