Savannah mayoral candidates both working to rally supporters

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The runoff election is in two weeks and in Savannah, the two candidates who want to be the mayor for the next four years are urging supporters not to be complacent.

“This is overtime and so you stick with your game plan,” said Alderman Van Johnson who received about 46 percent of the vote in the general election versus Mayor Eddie DeLoach’s 40 percent.

“I think people have said it really clearly, I was only about four percent from winning the election outright. So we need to return to the polls,” says Johnson. “My campaign is talking to people, businesses and neighborhood associations.”

Meanwhile, DeLoach told News 3 he has the same message: “I”m just trying to make sure we’ve got a contrast and that everybody understands that there is a difference here.”

DeLoach says he too is working to get more traction with supporters.

“I just didn’t feel like my folks turned out. on election night,” he says. “We want to canvass everybody we can and tell them we need their help.”

DeLoach points out he won a runoff four years ago and thinks it can happen again. He says he has a record of successes.

“When you get back and you look at it, I don’t think you’ll find many people who won’t say we’re better off today than we were four years ago,” says DeLoach.

Both DeLoach and Johnson say they can work with a long list of new councilmembers, but Johnson says the election results are a direct message to DeLoach.

“It was a resounding repudiation of this Administration and how this administration has behaved and acted as it relates to its residents,” says Johnson.

The mayor rejected that idea, saying the city is better off and believes he can rally supporters for the runoff vote.

“I am just saying, ‘Hey we want your vote the same as we did four years ago,'” says DeLoach.

Johnson told News 3 the same thing.

“We need to get people to return to the polls during early voting,” he said. “We need to return to the polls December 3rd and finish the job they started.”

For information on early voting locations and hours, visit here.

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