ATLANTA, Ga. (WJBF) – We’re just days away until early voting ends this Friday and the ability to request an absentee ballot.

If you wait to vote until election day, state leaders say plan for long lines with 3 million voters expected at the polls.

It’s the last week of early voting here in Georgia and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger says nearly 3 million Georgians have already cast their ballots with record voter turnout.

He expects that by the end of this week another 1 million will cast their ballots and he says if you haven’t already, make a voting plan, because the lines on election day will be long.

“That’s why we like to let voters know it will take longer to vote. They say why does it take longer because we are still under COVID restrictions. Those restrictions and making sure things are disinfected just takes additional time.”

He says we are in the middle of a pandemic and expect long lines because many of the poll workers are first time poll workers.

“Those plexi glass dividers, people will be wearing gloves, masks. We want you to wear a mask. If you think are invincible please wear a mask because many of our poll workers are not invincible but are coming out to make sure your vote counts.”

We also reached out to the Secretary of State and asked him about the rejected ballots, he said that’s because many folks who return it don’t sign it or there is a mismatch in the signature.

Statewide Implementation Manager, Gabriel Sterling says, “We’ve had a million ballots come in and only 429 have been rejected. What happens in those situations is the county will contact you and say the is an issue with your absentee ballot and you have to come in and cure it”.

“In the last election it was about 1% so we expect it to be in that range – a very small percentage.” said Secretary of Sate Brad Raffensperger.

“That means come in and fix it and sign it, and bring and ID says this is me and make sure your vote is counted.” said Sterling.

The Secretary of State says you can track your absentee ballot through the ballot tracker website. That will track the status of your ballot and you have until Friday after election day to fix it, if your absentee ballot was rejected.

Here are the websites you can track your absentee ballot, or .

Again, Friday October 30th is the last day to request and absentee ballot.