Regina Thomas says she could bring real change if elected Savannah Mayor

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Regina Thomas may be one of a kind but she definitely doesn’t own just one hat. Thomas, a former state legislator is known for wearing fashionable hats, but the one she wants most is that of the mayor of the City of Savannah.

“I am giving people in Savannah a choice, they know what they have had, they know what’s been going on in the city and I would ask if the quality of their lives have been improved by the people who have represented them and if their answer is no then here I am,” Thomas told us.

She talked about two of her opponents, 1st district Alderman Van Johnson and incumbent Mayor Eddie DeLoach who is seeking his second term.

“Johnson has had 16 years to lead,” said Thomas. “12 years of that he was in the majority on the council.”

In terms of Mayor DeLoach, she told me she doesn’t believe that Deloach has helped everyone in the Hostess City get a step up.

“Well, just looking at Savannah and at what’s going on .looking at who’s getting an advantage or prospering from certain projects and who’s getting the jobs, I would say no, he hasn’t been inclusive ,” Thomas said.

“So, I’m offering myself as a solution, as one that would bring trust, transparency and inclusion to the city,” she says.

Thomas says she does have some concerns and questions about the city’s budget. “That’s why I keep saying that we need to have a forensic audit because at one point last year, we had a deficit, then we find $10 million and now we’re back in a surplus? We need to know more about how that all happened,” she said.

She doesn’t believe that all votes have confidence in how money is being spent including the millions collected by the penny sales program known as SPLOST.

“They have a list of the things they want to get done and when the SPLOST passes the things are not getting done. Now that it’s an election year things are getting done, every year should be an election year,” Thomas said.

She also disagrees with Deloach and Johnson on their strong support of the arena on the westside.

“I still believe they put the cart before the horse,” she told me. “I believe that they should have taken care of the flooding and the infrastructure prior to them breaking ground, that arena is going to be placed in a fishbowl.

Thomas says she does hope things work out for people on the westside who are counting on the arena to bring new economic life but she does remain concerned about the project.

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