HARDEEVILLE, S.C. (WSAV) — On Nov. 8, voters in Jasper County will decide if they feel improvements should be made across the district with the possible continuation of the penny sales tax.

County leaders say it will not be an additional tax but rather an extension to the existing sales tax. If voters choose yes, it will generate funds to build two early learning centers in Hardeeville and Ridgeland.

Committee member of Jasper County schools, Tom Balliet said providing these early learning centers would provide learning opportunities for children to prepare them for kindergarten.

Balliet said In South Carolina, only half the kids can pass the kindergarten readiness test.

“In Jasper County, it’s about 70%. So, if you’re going to have an impact on the education for these children, you have to get them ready for kindergarten, you have to give them all of those basics,” Balliet said.

The money would also give create an athletic facility for Hardeeville Junior and Senior High schools, and rebuild the administration building for Jasper County employees.

“The administration building is an old building, it’s not ADA compliant. It needs some updating. It’s probably from the sixties or thereabout,” Balliet said.

Balliet also said these children need a place to play sports.

“These facilities are not adequate for them. These children here at Hardeeville, to some extent have to go up to Ridgeland in order to compete.”

However, with all of the changes that could come to these schools, some say these improvements are not necessary.