One-third of Chatham County registered voters have already cast ballot in runoff

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – For those going to the polls Tuesday, you may find that many of your friends and neighbors have already cast a ballot.

Up to one-third of registered voters in Chatham County have voted in person during early voting or by requesting an absentee ballot.

“We were expecting this, we were expecting people to engage. This is a historic election,” said Antwan Lang, a member of the Chatham County Board of Elections. “We have two senators (races), which is going to contribute to the balance in the most powerful body in our nation, which is the Senate.”

The ballot also includes a runoff in a state election for Public Service Commissioner.

As of Monday, nearly 70,000 voters (69,611) have cast ballots in person or by absentee (39,509 voted early and so far, 30,101 absentee ballots have been returned and processed). There are 208,000 registered voters in Chatham County.

“The numbers are real and the numbers are there,” Lang said.

If you are voting on Tuesday you are advised to remember safety precautions in the days of COVID-19. “Wear a mask,” said Lang.

Tom Mahoney, who is the chair of the Chatham County Board of Elections tells News 3 that someone with COVID-19 “will be allowed to vote” by following certain procedures.

He says that includes wearing a mask and even protective clothing and making themselves known immediately to poll workers. The person will be allowed to vote after the line is cleared ahead and behind them, and then Mahoney says sanitation will take place after the person leaves. He also told us that stylus pens used by voters are not used more than once.

Mahoney also reminds voters who may have an absentee ballot they have not returned that they can vote in person on Tuesday. He says the easiest thing for the voter is to bring the absentee ballot with them and give it to poll workers so it can be destroyed.

Mahoney also told News 3 that while the more than 30,000 absentee ballots already received and processed can be tabulated along with in-person votes, that he doesn’t foresee having official results Tuesday evening. Lang says he believes that some major trends may be seen by that time.

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