SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Election season is in full swing in Georgia, with early voting underway for next Tuesday’s primary runoff, followed by the general election in November.

Senate Bill 202, known as the Election Integrity Act, changed the state’s election laws. Nonpartisan voting rights groups say the changes can be confusing to voters, creating issues at the polls.

“If they’re not spending hours and hours on Twitter or Facebook or TikTok, they may not know,” said Cindy Battles, policy and engagement director for the Georgia Coalition for the People’s Agenda. “We saw significant issues in the primary and voting and elections where folks had not been adequately educated and informed about the things that they needed to.”

The Georgia Coalition for the People’s Agenda and All Voting is Local is teaming up for “Your Voice, Your Vote” information sessions across the state, including Savannah’s Tuesday night event.

Among the changes to election laws, Battles said some of the most important changes to note are that you need an ID to vote by mail and there are new deadlines to request absentee ballots.

“One of the biggest things that I hope they get from this is knowing that, yes, there are barriers in place to you voting. But your vote is secure and it does count,” she said, “and the results of the election will be the results that they’re supposed to be.”

According to the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office, May’s primary broke records for early voting. With more people heading to the polls, Battles said it’s important to educate voters as quickly as possible.

“Our goal is that you cast your vote so that you know your voice counts and that the elected officials know you’re using that voice to impact policy and how it makes Georgia better for every Georgian,” she said.

Chatham County voters can cast their ballot early in person at the Board of Registrar’s main office on Eisenhower Drive from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. through Friday.

Election Day for the primary runoff is next Tuesday, June 21.