ATLANTA (WSAV) — Georgia is one week away from the crucial November midterm election on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

The Secretary of State said Georgia continues to break records with new data showing that Atlanta’s Fulton, DeKalb, Cobb and Gwinnett have the highest turnouts in the state during early voting.

Voting experts predict up to 5 million Georgians will vote given recent trend and of those around 2 million will vote early.

“We really haven’t seen any lines of any imports around the state,” said Gabe Sterling, the state’s voting implementation manager. “There are a few locations and times like Friday at lunch or end of the day on a Friday, there will be a line, or the very first day, you will stand in line because those are the heaviest days.”

New data shows nearly 60% of people who have voted are white, 30% are Black, 2% are Latino and 2% are Asian American, while 10% did not specify race. 

“We are measuring behaviors now of 15% of people who did not vote in the 2018 election about half them voted in 2020,” Sterling said. “We are not seeing new voters. We are not seeing young voters about 6% of the overall vote even though they are the highest percentage of registered voters.”

“People are voting their values from health care, health insurance, election reform to voting and to taxes,” said Deborah Scott, a voting rights advocate and CEO of Georgia Standup, a non-profit Think Tank. “People are interested in their community and families and going to the polls to vote.”

“Republican voters are much likely to use absentee ballot and another layer is are more much likely to vote in person on election day,” Sterling said.

Fifty-five percent of all voters are women voters, with nearly a quarter of the voters between the ages of 60 to 70. Young voters, under 29, accounted for less than 7% of the votes.

The state has accepted more than one point six million ballots and more than 170,000 absentee mail-in ballots have been processed.

If you haven’t voted, you still have until Friday for early voting and then on election day next Tuesday.