New checklist system helping with Chatham Co. election preps

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CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) – Chatham County is streamlining preparations for the upcoming election. Officials say a new online checklist is helping them stay on task and ahead of schedule.

John Leffler manages the operations side of Chatham County elections. He says when you have 800 voting machines, 194,000 registered voters, and 92 poll sites in a single county, there’s a lot to consider.

“From the mistakes that were made in June, we’ve learned what to do to correct them,” said Leffler.

The new checklist lists tasks ranging from machine inventory to making sure poll workers have enough personal protective equipment.

“We’ve always done it from what we have as our own internal checklist,” said Leffler.

“And since this is all new equipment, and we have triple the equipment that we use to have, we’ve run out of space,” he continued, “and having this checklist just makes sure everything is done.”

This is the first time these machines will be used in a presidential election. During the primaries, Leffler says some malfunctioned because parts shook loose while being transported.

“We know that this is mechanical, there is a possibility for a breakdown,” said Leffler. “As far as what we actually prepared, every single one of these machines have been tested in the last 10 days.”

Leffler says it’s a massive undertaking, but the mission behind it is propelling them forward.

“We are here because Chatham County needs a secured election. They need to feel faithful and truthful that this is being conducted and conducted fairly,” said Leffler.

Leffler says they are expecting an 80 percent voter turnout. He says voting machines will be loaded out and shipped to their prospective polling locations next week.

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